FTC Safeguards Compliance Content

FTC Safeguards Compliance

This is the full 3 part series produced early 2022

FTC Safeguards

Why Comply?

FTC Safeguards Rile

This is a word for word reading of the rule as written.

Our Program Shorts

A Peek under the hood

Check out how we are doing our program with a peek under the hood. Even the website based, 'TurboTax' type compliance programs require considerable work outside of their software. This is not just "the what", this is "the how."

What Data needs to be protected

This is the #1 question dealers have.

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  • 7 Ways Your Dealership Is Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Hackers + FTC Safeguards Quick Start Guide

    In this report, you’ll learn the 7 simple signs any Dealer Principal (and even GMs, Controllers, or IT managers) can use to figure out if your organization is secure and compliant.

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Take a look at our 'Done-for-you' program below:

FTC Safeguards Program (pdf)


FTC Compliance Roadmap (pdf)