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3 Simple Steps For Dealerships To Prepare For New Cyber Insurance Requirements.

We've combined over 13 different cyber security insurance assessments to find out whether you have the right cybersecurity tools in place to get cyber insurance and get it at a good rate.

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Keep Your Dealership From Being Hacked

 The Simple mistakes dealers make with their data that no one is talking about. Your IT folks can‘t prevent 100% of cyber attacks, period. Find out what your weaknesses are today, and how you can reduce your risk. Would you ever proofread your own work? Book a 15 minute discovery call here: 

GLBA Safeguards, Why comply

In this video, you are presented with 3 non-FTC-related reasons for GLBA safeguards compliance. A look at the real business risks of non-compliance for automotive dealerships.

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  • 7 Ways Your Dealership Is Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Hackers + FTC Safeguards Quick Start Guide

    In this report, you’ll learn the 7 simple signs any Dealer Principal (and even GMs, Controllers, or IT managers) can use to figure out if your organization is secure and compliant.

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